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Type: Unfinished Business
In control: Stockton Arts Commission
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Attachments: 1. Attachment A - Public Art Mural Program - Applications, 2. Attachment B - Public Art Mural Program Guidelines, 3. Attachment C - Public Art Mural Program - Evaluation Form




recommended action



Staff will provide an update on the Public Art Mural program. It is recommended that the Stockton Arts Commission review and score the Public Art Mural applications and approve by motion which Public Art Mural Program applications will be awarded funds.




On October 2, 2023, the Stockton Arts Commission formed an ad hoc committee for the Public Art Mural Program Guidelines. Those committee members include Irie Woods, Justin Grant, Anuit AlBahar, and Maurice Spiller. This ad hoc committee is responsible for providing input into the application process, scoring received applications, and providing a recommendation to the full commission as appropriate.


The 2024 Public Art Mural Program was issued on Friday, January 12, 2024, with thirteen (13) application submittals requesting more than $425,000 in grant funds. Staff reviewed all applications for eligibility and completeness. Eight (8) applications were determined to be complete, met eligibility requirements, and were advanced to be reviewed and scored by the Commission. A list of artist(s) and art organizations including their proposals can be found in Attachment A. Staff are looking for a recommendation that will include which applications will be awarded grant funds. Upon approval of the recommendation staff will contact the awardees to begin finalizing their contract and scheduling their work.



Sufficient funds are available in account number 5000-806-630019-100-125-50-50-000-000 to support the Public Art Mural Program.


Attachment A - Public Art Mural Program Applications

Attachment B - Public Art Mural Program Guidelines

Attachment C - Public Art Mural Program Evaluation Form