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File #: 23-0413    Version: 1
Type: Consent
In control: City Council/Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency/Public Financing Authority/Parking Authority Concurrent
Final action:
Attachments: 1. Attachment A - RFSOQ Vendor Ranking, 2. Attachment B - Rotating List Abatement, 3. Attachment C - Rotating List Emergency, 4. Attachment D - Standard Agreement




recommended action



It is recommended that City Council approve a motion to:


1.                     Authorize the City Manager to execute a five-year contract with six contractors to establish a vendor pool list providing necessary property nuisance abatement and emergency board-up services.


2.                     Approve findings pursuant to Stockton Municipal Code Section 3.68.070 in support of an exception to the competitive bidding process; and


3.                     It is further recommended that the motion authorize the City Manager to take appropriate and necessary actions to carry out the purpose and intent of the motion.





The Police Department's Neighborhood Services Section and the Fire Department have the regular need to oversee work within the City relative to the abatement of nuisances on properties and/or emergency board-up of properties. Given the immediacy of the need and the fluctuation of the work, non-City personnel have provided these services. The City issued a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSOQ) for the purpose of formally establishing a list of vendors to abate nuisances on properties and/or provide an emergency board-up of properties. Following the evaluation of the RFSOQs, staff has selected a list of qualified vendors for City Council approval (Attachment A).






Abatement of nuisance properties is necessary to maintain compliance with City regulations when property owners fail to address neighborhood nuisances such as the accumulation of garbage, junk, debris, graffiti, and/or lack of yard maintenance. In addition, emergency board ups are necessary when there are unsecure or dangerous structures or conditions that might exist following, for example, a structure fire.


The Police Department's Neighborhood Services Section began using a rotating list of vendors in the 1990's to abate nuisance properties. The rotating pool of vendors was established in response to a request for qualifications sent to local contractors which included the following eligibility requirements: set pricing and specifications for abatement work, a current City business license, and certain insurance requirements. This list has been managed by staff in the Neighborhood Services Section according to a set of predictable and equitable criteria.


In 2014 the City Council authorized a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit responses from all interested vendors to provide this suite of services to the City. The basic requirements set forth (a) the minimum requirements each vendor must meet in order to be on the list, (b) an established set of guidelines and processes for rotating through the list, (c) the set pricing and specifications for work, and (d) how vacancies on the list will be filled. 


In 2018, an informal RFQ was completed upon the recommendation from the Purchasing Division.  Renewal of the RFQ incorporated prevailing wage pricing and vendor registration with Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).


Present Situation


On February 3, 2023, a RFSOQ was publicly advertised for Abatement and Emergency Board Up Services, Project PUR-23-018.  On March 9, 2023, six proposals were received from the following vendors:


                     5 Star Construction Stockton, CA

                     B-Line Construction, Inc, Sacramento, CA

                     Golden Coast Construction and Restoration, Roseville, CA

                     Kustom US Inc dba Five Star Restoration a Division of Kustom, Gold River, CA

                     Nor-Cal Construction, Stockton, CA

                     Baylor Services Inc, Stockton, CA


Three of the above vendors are located within the physical boundaries of San Joaquin County and have current business licenses with the City of Stockton. Those within the Stockton City limits received a five percent bid preference meeting the criteria set forth in Stockton Municipal Code, Section 3.68.090 (Local business preference). The preference points are factored into the overall rating score of the vendor's proposal and subsequent ranking on each rotating list. The remaining three vendors are outside the boundaries of San Joaquin County.


The Selection Committee, consisting of three members from the Police Department's Neighborhood Services Section, reviewed the proposals and ranked them according to the RFSOQ criteria, taking into account the local business preference criteria. The process conducted was consistent with other established vendor pools that are designed to maintain fair and equitable purchasing policies while addressing unique needs for providing contracted services. Staff recommends all six (6) vendors for approval by the City Council in order to establish a Rotating Contractors List for Abatements of Nuisance Properties (Attachment B) and a Rotating Contractors List for Emergency Board Up (Attachment C). The distinction between the two lists is the type of work required. Emergency Board Ups require immediate response on a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis and the work involved is very narrow in scope. The compensation rates for this work are different to account for the "on-call" nature of the jobs.







Pursuant to SMC section 3.68.070, Council may approve findings that support an exception to the competitive bidding process. These findings include:


1.                     Use of the RFSOQ process is appropriate for this Standard Agreement because it relies on the evaluation of professional qualifications, experience, and performance as the basis for the selection and to establish a list of qualified vendors.


2.                     Due to the pre-determined pricing, as noted on the Standard Prices for Rotating Contractors Lists, Procurements recommendation was to advertise and award based on qualified vendors.




There is no direct fiscal impact to the City of Stockton from approving a list of qualified vendors to provide nuisance abatement work and emergency board up services. All work performed by these vendors will be funded through the annual budget for nuisance abatements in the Police Department's Neighborhood Services Section and Fire Department, as applicable.


Attachment A - RFSOQ Vendor Ranking

Attachment B - Rotating List Abatement

Attachment C - Rotating List Emergency

Attachment D - Standard Agreement