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File #: 20-6404    Version: 1
Type: New Business
In control: City Council/Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency/Public Financing Authority/Parking Authority Concurrent
Final action:




recommended action



It is recommended that the City Council approve by motion:


1.                     The recommended distribution of funds between categories of need identified by the City Manager,


2.                     Give the City Manager the authority to determine the specific allocation of funds among community partners and execute each of the contracts, and


3.                     Give the City Manager authority to reallocate funds among approved priority goals and partners as needed to maximize impact and benefit to the Stockton community. 





This recommendation is in response to the City Council’s March 17, 2020 adoption of emergency Resolution No. 2020-03-17-0304 to reallocate $1,235,000 from Council priorities to establish an Emergency Coronavirus Response Fund.






On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, during a Special Emergency Meeting, City Council approved by Resolution No. 2020-03-17-0304 the reallocation of $1,235,000 of Council priority funds to establish an Emergency Coronavirus Response Fund.  The City Council also gave direction to the City Manager to make a recommendation on how to use these funds to best serve the Stockton Community.


On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, staff met to discuss and review available resources and partners across the community to prepare this recommendation.


Present Situation


Through discussion guided by the City Manager, three main categories of need were identified: Housing and Homelessness, Community Well-being, and Small Business Support. Each category is broad in scope and more specific needs have been identified, along with community partners that are best positioned to provide direct services in each area of need.


Housing and Homelessness


It is recommended that the City provide approximately $600,000 to support low- income housing concerns and delivery of services to the homeless population. Potential partners like The Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and Gospel Center Rescue Mission are primary shelters serving those who are currently experiencing homelessness in our community. Additional funding for these types of providers will make an immediate impact and may support separation of the sick homeless population, food and staffing resources to keep the shelters clean and operational and provide hygiene stations in public areas to help promote cleanliness.


Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation (CVLIHC) has also been identified as a potential partner to receive funds to address housing and prevent homelessness. The priority focus of CVLIHC is to keep community members in their homes through rental assistance programs. Anticipating that residents of Stockton may become unemployed as a result of this crisis, additional funding to CVLIHC may help keep individuals and families in their homes while reestablishing employment.   


Community Well-Being


It is recommended that the City provide approximately $400,000 to support community well-being. Saint Mary’s Dining Hall and the Emergency Food Bank are two organizations that have been identified as potential recipients of funding to support community well-being. Providing additional funding to these types of organizations will allow them to purchase the food and supplies needed to continue providing these critical support services.


The United Way of San Joaquin has also offered to provide assistance with resource allocation, including hygiene services, food availability and delivery. The Saint Mary’s Dining Hall and the Emergency Food Bank are also identified as potential partners to locate and purchase food and supplies and help deliver these goods and services to our vulnerable populations.


Along with the above-mentioned, the City recommends providing funding to our Office of Violence Prevention for client stabilization and support.


Small Business Support


It is recommended that the City provide approximately $235,000 to support our local small businesses.  The City will be seeking partners to provide assistance as third-party administrators with established, effective financial programs that can provide immediate assistance and make a difference to our local small businesses in need.




With Council approval, the $1,235,000 allocated to support Housing and Homelessness, Community Well-Being, and Small Businesses throughout Stockton will be administered by the City’s Economic Development Department.  The Economic Development team will ensure that the funds are distributed in the most expeditious and efficient manner in order to get these dollars into the hands of those most impacted by Coronavirus.


There are no other financial impacts to the City at this time.